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Welcome to Geromics

Innovating privacy technology for the global healthcare industry.

Built as a framework

Intense was designed as extended version of bootstrap, built as a complex and flexible solution with a dozen of completely new utilities, components and plugins.


Beautiful and clean designs are optimized for all screen sizes and types. Taste a new meaning of Retina Ready.

Geromics is the  genomics platform in the universe

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has the potential to impact medical informatics in several areas, from logistics and accreditation to publication and research. Geromics is an early-stage startup exploring the opportunities for DLT in genomics and personal medicine.

Take Full Control of Your Genome

Our platform allows everyone to access products and services anonymously, through a an identity that you manage. Retain full ownership of your personal digital data while obtaining the maximum value from it. Access personalised health analysis.


  • Alex Murphy